Review of BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline MLB SportsbookBetOnline is a thrill-packed online sportsbook that is unrivaled in its devotion to its customers. When you want the best of the best in online betting action, it is the only place to go, especially when it comes to MLB betting. BetOnline has all the betting lines you’ve been dreaming about, plus myriad wager and odds types, bonuses that will blow your mind, and the coolest special features on the block. All your friends are going to be jealous, because BetOnline is the crème de la crème of sports betting sites.

You will find all of the information you need about BetOnline on this webpage. We will take you on a virtual tour of this awesome sportsbook. You will learn all about MLB betting lines, odds and wagers, mobile betting, live betting, deposit/payout methods, and bonuses. We will even walk you through the signup process. So sit back, grab a cold one, and get ready to enjoy the world of online sports betting at BetOnline – because you can!

MLB Betting At BetOnline

BetOnline offers a huge laundry list of sports to bet on, including MLB. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time betting or if you’ve been wagering for years, BetOnline will put a glide in your stride and a smile on your face! There is no limit to the amount of money you can win if you play your cards right. Wager types include everything from straight bets and totals to parlays and round robins. Odds types run the gamut from game lines to futures and props. As you can see, BetOnline has it all!

BetOnline MLB Betting Lines

BetOnline MLB SportsbookBetOnline includes all the major betting lines. Moneylines, runlines, and totals are the most common types. The moneyline is the easiest to wrap your head around. It is simply a bet on the outcome of the game. A runline is sort of like a combination of a baseball moneyline and a baseball point spread. The runline spread is 1.5, and it can significantly boost your chances of winning if you bet on the underdog. When you bet on the number of combined points for both teams, this is called a totals bet.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are different from game lines. A prop bet is a wager on the probability that a certain event will or will not occur. Props don’t necessarily affect the outcome of the game, and can be divided into three groups: game props, team props, and player props. Game props have to do with a specific event in a game, for example the total number of points scored by the sixth inning. Team props focus on events such as the number of homers a certain team might score by the end of the first half. Player props focus on individual teammates, like how many strikes a specific player will throw by the end of the game.

Future Bets

Futures bets are wagers on games that haven’t occurred yet. You could make a futures bet on a game that is weeks or months away. After every game, the odds are updated. When it comes to futures betting, BetOnline’s odds are pretty darned accurate. Their oddsmakers are some of the best in the business, and they are virtually guaranteed to be right on target! BetOnline offers so many different types of betting lines that it’s almost impossible to be bored.

BetOnline MLB Wager Types

BetOnline MLB SportsbookLet’s face it, for seasoned bettors, straight bets can seem a bit prosaic. The more you get into betting, the more you will want to try out more complex and interesting wager types. BetOnline has all kinds of unique wager types that you can play around with. Usually, the more difficult it is to win the bet, the greater the payout will be. The following is a list of some wager types you might not be familiar with.

Straight Wager: okay, you probably know what a straight wager is. It’s pretty common-sense. It is a simple bet on who will win the game

Parlay: this type of bet is sometimes called a combo bet, and it combines several bets into one, with the payout for the first bet being put up as the stake for the next bet, and so on and so forth. Parlays are more difficult to win, because if one part of the bet loses, the entire parlay is a bust. However, since the stakes are higher, you have a chance of winning a lot more money.

Round Robin: this type of wager is kind of like a parlay but better, because it lets you combine several parlays into one single wager. BetOnline lets you pick three to eight lines with parlay combinations between two and six teams. Again, the payouts can be very lucrative.

Teaser: this wager type lets you change the point spread so it works in your favor as you combine wagers from two to ten separate games.

If Bet: another combo bet, this wager type joins two or more bets with an if-clause. You don’t have to win every single combination. Each individual wager will pay out if it wins.

BetOnline Live MLB Betting

BetOnline MLB SportsbookIf you want to combine everything that’s awesome about MLB and betting into one easy feature, Live Betting is the way to go. With this great option, you don’t have to switch off between your television and your computer when you want to make your wagers, because it’s all right there in one place. Now you can make your bets at the same time you are watching the game unfold, streaming on BetOnline’s live betting page. Choose from all sorts of game lines and props, watch instant replays and recaps, see constantly updated odds…it’s a bold new step in live interactive sports betting, and it’s at BetOnline!

Mobile MLB Betting At BetOnline

In our busy modern world, it can be hard to take the time out of your day to enjoy yourself and focus on your hobbies. Take sports betting, for example. Sometimes you are just too busy and don’t have time to sit down at the computer and make a bet. That’s all going to change when you sign up with mobile betting at BetOnline. This handy interactive feature gives you the power to use the sportsbook anywhere, any time. All you have to do is sign in to BetOnline’s mobile betting page from a location with an internet connection and you are ready to go. There’s nothing to download and no extra fee involved. It’s safe, secure, easy, and fun! So don’t wait any longer…grab the bull by the horns and try mobile betting at BetOnline!

BetOnline MLB Betting Bonuses

BetOnline MLB SportsbookYou don’t have to be a genius to figure out why people love BetOnline’s sportsbook bonuses. I mean think about it, who doesn’t like to save money? Well, that’s exactly what bonuses do. Every player who opens an account with BetOnline will be eligible for the 25 percent welcome bonus, which can be used on first deposits up to $1,000. This bonus can be used on any sport of your choosing, MLB included. You can also get BetOnline’s 25 percent lifetime bonus, which works on every qualifying deposit that you make. And don’t forget about the mobile betting $50 free play, which gives you a $50 reimbursement on your first mobile bet if it loses. BetOnline also offers a $25 live betting free play. These risk-free bonuses are just waiting for you to grab hold of them.

BetOnline Funding/Deposit Methods

BetOnline MLB SportsbookOne of the most important aspects of an online Major League Baseball sportsbooks is being able to easily put money into your account. Luckily, BetOnline offers nearly half a dozen ways to do this. The easiest and most popular way is to use your debit or credit card. Any major credit card will do. It takes just seconds for the transfer to go through, and the minimum deposit requirement is low ($50). The maximum limit depends on the card. For example, Visa lets you deposit as much as $3,500. A 6.5 percent fee is included with each card transaction. MoneyGram and Western Union are also very popular funding methods. The processing time is very fast, usually within a few minutes, and there is only a 2 percent processing fee, but it’s free if you deposit more than $300. All you have to do is go online, fill out a MG or WU form, and give BetOnline your confirmation number. There several other ways to fund your account: money order, bank wire transfer, and Bitcoin. Each of these is a safe and easy way to get your money into your BetOnline account.

BetOnline Payouts/Withdrawal Methods

It’s just as important to be able to get your money out of your account as it is to get your money into your account. That’s why BetOnline provides several easy ways to make withdrawals. Person to person is one of the most common methods. The processing time is somewhere between 12 and 36 hours, with deposit limits in the range of $50 to $600. Transaction fees are reasonable (between $26 and $101). To use this method, go to the cashier and request a payout. You will be given a reference number and pick up your money from any participating retailer. Bitcoin is an interesting new way to make money transfers. It is a completely digital currency, and can easily be transferred from Bitcoin address to another. You have to create a Bitcoin account and address, which you then must share with BetOnline. This is one of the faster payout methods, usually taking under 48 hours. You are allowed to withdraw as little as $20 or as much as $3,500. Other easy payout methods include checks and bank wire transfers.

Is BetOnline Safe?

Yes, safety is a number one priority at BetOnline. Any time you make a money transfer or place a bet, your information goes through a secure, encrypted server, meaning it can’t be deciphered without a special key. This encryption software is top-notch. Firewalls serve to monitor all site traffic. If you are in any way worried about the legitimacy of BetOnline, cast your fear aside, because the site is licensed and regulated. It operates out of the Republic of Panama, so it isn’t burdened by United States betting law. No one has ever gotten in any sort of legal trouble for using BetOnline, and no one has ever had their personal information compromised. This is because BetOnline takes customer safety and security very seriously.

Who Can Join BetOnline?

Any United States citizen who is of legal betting age can join BetOnline free of charge. Signing up is so simple, your 90-year grandmother could do it. All you have to do is click on the red tab at the top of the screen that says “click to join.” In three easy steps, you will need to fill in some basic personal data. Once you have filled out every field, click the red tab to create your account. You are now ready to start wagering. Keep in mind that age laws vary from state to state. In most cases, the betting age is 18, but some states set the bar as high as 21. A few states do not have any set age laws. If you are unsure how old you have to be to legally bet in your state, check your local laws.

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