MLB Betting Odds

Understanding MLB betting odds can be a bit confusing if you have never bet on baseball before. Once you get the hang of it, though, it becomes second nature. Like everything in life, practice makes perfect. This page is a primer for the novice MLB bettor, and will help you to learn the ropes. We have provided everything you need to get a basic grasp on MLB betting, including the various odds types, game lines, and all kinds of player, team, game, and future props. We will even tell you about some terrific sportsbooks where you can do all of your MLB betting. So sit back, grab a cold brewski, fire up a j and relax as you learn all about the thrill of MLB sportsbook betting. You’re welcome.

Types Of Odds At MLB Sportsbooks

When talking about different types of odds, we can divide them into three main groupings. The first is the game line, which includes moneyline, the over/under, and for MLB betting, the run line. The second type of odds is a prop, or proposition bet. This category includes game props, team props, and player props. The third and final odds type is the futures bet. We are now going to go over each odds type in greater detail.

Game Lines

The first and most common game line is the moneyline. Put as simply as possible, a moneyline is a bet on who will win the game, with a negative integer corresponding to the favorite and a positive integer corresponding to the underdog. The moneyline displays how much money you stand to win if you bet on a particular team. People like moneylines because they are easy to understand, and most anyone can reap an enormous benefit if they play their cards right and bet smart. You can learn more about how to read moneyline odds at the bottom of this page.

The next important type of game line you need to know about is the run line. It can best be described as a combination of a moneyline and a point spread. The +1.5 or -1.5 is like a point spread (where points are added to the underdog’s score and subtracted from the favorite’s score), only it is based on runs instead of points. For instance, if the run line is +1.5, you are looking at the underdog team. The favorite would have to win by two runs to cover the spread. Run lines will have the moneyline odds displayed, too.

The last type of game line you will find at most online sportsbooks is the totals bet, or over/under. This type of bet is based on the total number of points scored by both teams put together. What you are actually betting on is whether your predicted total will be over or under the bookmaker’s predicted total. If both teams are subpar, and you do not think that either team will score very many points, this is a good reason to place a totals bet.

Prop Bets

The next betting line category we will explore is proposition bets, or props. This is a type of bet on an event that is related to the game, but does not necessarily affect the outcome. There are several different types of prop bets: game props, player props, and team props. Prop bets are extremely varied. They could be anything from how many points the home team scores in the fifth inning to how many home runs a certain player scores by the end of the game. Heck, you can even bet on how badly the National Anthem will be butchered.

Futures Bets

The last betting line category you will want to be familiar with is futures bets. This betting line type is very easy and straightforward. It is simply a bet on a game that is weeks or months away. So if you have a hunch that Kansas City is going to win the World Series, you can place a futures bet and maximize your potential payout amount. The cool thing about futures bets is that the odds change frequently and are updated as the season plays out. Futures betting lets you get a head start on wagering. All of our favorite sportsbooks include tons of futures bets with extremely accurate odds.

Online Sportsbooks With The Best MLB Odds

It is our sincerest hope that you now have a better grasp of MLB odds and betting types. It is now time to select a good online sportsbook. With the hundreds of online betting sites available, your options are pretty vast. You can save a lot of time, though, by taking our advice and choosing one of the excellent online sportsbooks that we recommend. These betting sites have everything you need to get started and win some big bucks!

Bovada Sportsbook - Generous Betting Odds at this Top MLB Sportsbook

Bovada SportsbookWhen good enough just won’t do, you need Bovada. For more than 20 years, it has been one of the top online sportsbooks in the world, servicing members from all across the globe. Bovada is one of the most reputable and trustworthy sites you will be likely to find. Operating out of Canada, the site provides its loyal customers with the very best in MLB betting lines, odds and wager types, bonuses, and other great features. Bovada is fun, easy to use, and safe. Featuring security software that exists on the cusp of technological modernity, you can trust that Bovada’s cyber security team will do everything in their power to keep your money and account information safe from prying eyes.

When you want the most convenient way to wager on MLB action, look no further than mobile betting at Bovada. With this great new feature, you will be able to use the entire sportsbook from the palm of your hand. Simply use your mobile device to sign in to Bovada’s mobile betting page, and you can make a wager from anywhere you happen to be. Bet on moneylines, totals, futures, props, you name it…it’s all available for you wherever you go. You can make straight wagers, parlays, teasers, and many more. There is no download required, and it doesn’t cost any money to use. Mobile betting is so easy and convenient that you will wonder how you ever got along without it in the first place.

5Dimes Sportsbook - Best Odds for Major League Baseball Play!

5Dimes SportsbookYou can’t always judge things at face value. Sometimes the best gifts come in plain packages. Take 5Dimes, for example. The site itself isn’t much to look at. It is relatively plain, certainly less graphical and more text-based, and muted in color. Don’t be fooled though, because underneath the rather drab surface is a badass sportsbook tailor-made for true sports bettors. Think of it as the cooler, underground club in the dark alley where the bartender knows your name and what you drink. You might run into Joey Knuckles there, but he’s betting on the game, not running the show. And if you want to buy points, no one’s gonna stop you. Want your juice reduced? Done. Not sure what exactly a pleaser is? It’s okay, you won’t be made to feel like a noob.

That’s because 5Dimes treats all players equally, regardless of experience. They offer all kinds of wager types: straight bets, parlays, pleasers, round robins, rolling if-bets, reverses, etc., etc. if you are unclear about what each of these wager types mean, 5Dimes provides handy descriptions. That’s just how 5Dimes is: helpful. Throughout the site, you will find tons of helpful tips and information. Not only that, their customer service department is beyond compare. Each section of the site has its own numbers to call, and you can also email or fax them 24/7. For added fun, try out their mobile and live betting features, which take the action to the next tier!

Ways To Read The Odds

Those who do not have much experience with online wagering may be a bit vexed when it comes to what the odds look like. Three major odds types are commonly used. They are American, fractional, and decimal. If you live in the United States, you are most likely going to be dealing with American odds. They are also known as moneyline odds. These are displayed as numbers with positive or negative signs in front of them. Moneyline odds are actually pretty easy to understand once you get a grip on them. The positive number is always going to be the underdog, or the team most likely to lose. To make it easy, let’s set our number base at 100. For example, if the odds for a team are +130, it means that for every $100 you wager, you will see a return of $130. The flip side of the coin is the negative number, which corresponds to the favorite, or most likely to win. For instance, if a team’s odds are -140, it means that for every $140 you wager, you will win $100.

Fractional odds are very easy to understand. The first number, or numerator, means the amount of money you stand to win. The second number, or denominator, is the amount of money you have to risk. For example, if a team’s odds were 5/1, it means you would win $500 for every $100 wagered, for a grand total of $600. Pretty straightforward, yes? The last odds type you may run into is decimal odds, which are used mostly in Europe. They express exactly how much money you stand to win. For example, if the odds are 1.25, this means you will win $125 for a $100 bet. If you live in the US, though, you probably will not have to worry about decimal odds.

MLB Sportsbooks Wager Types

There are all kinds of ways to bet at MLB sportsbooks. Novices will most likely want to start with a simple straight bet, which is the most basic MLB wager type. It is a single bet on the game’s outcome. From here, the wager types get more complicated. Combination bets like parlays, pleasers, teasers, if-bets, and round robins take quite a bit more skill and discipline, but their payouts are usually much higher. The nice thing about MLB sportsbooks is that they include wager types for players of all skill levels. You can learn more by visiting our page devoted to MLB wager types.

The Very Best MLB Sportsbooks for Betting Odds